Recently Shooting movie Ultra pulpe Short movie Director / Bertrand Mandico Production designer / Gabrielle Desjean + more informations
Production company / Ecce Films
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Movies Seduce, fuck and run fast - LM Brothers of sooting - LM Chasing rainbows - LM Jail birds - LM Insecure - LM __________________ Ultra pulpe - SM The winkles - SM I love Eva Marsh - SM Tomorrow i will stop - SM Exhale - SM Kerloster - SM Dogless - CM The dog - CM Flakes of summer / Daho - CLIP Stage design Fuck you Olympig cabaret Predimaton Turbilhao Amadeus Industry Make a run Pass away Props Taming of the shrew Don't touch me Social scale Musa osso Acoustic dreams fusion Igloo teental Indiscret Vibraphone Puppets Republic of the dreams The other side Ulysse delighted Pass away Workshop Punjai landscape Stage design introduice Animated objects / puppets Child puppetsPRODUCTION DESIGNER / STAGE AND SET DESIGNER / PROPS / PLASTIC ARTIST
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